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Israel-Hamas war results in spread of misinformation and propaganda from all sides making truth difficult to ascertain
Widespread winter weather across parts of the US causing disruptions
A federal appeals court ruled private citizens cannot file lawsuits under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, sparking outrage from civil rights advocates
Grants awarded for research projects across various fields
Governments globally are investing billions in digital infrastructure like blockchain and AI, while also facing project delays and local opposition
New sensor on ISS detects greenhouse gas emissions
High voter turnout of 76% was recorded in the Madhya Pradesh state elections in India
Biden selects Chavez Rodriguez to lead his 2024 campaign
Yields fall on recession fears and moderating inflation
Russia faces growing isolation on the world stage due to its invasion of Ukraine, while seeking to maintain influence
China's government pushing women into traditional roles to address declining birth rates
New data shows immunotherapy drug durvalumab is well-tolerated and may improve survival in lung cancer patients with limited physical function
Diplomatic developments regarding global conflicts and geopolitical tensions
A vehicle explosion at a US-Canada border crossing in Niagara Falls killed two people and injured a border officer
Antisemitic incidents have risen sharply worldwide since the October 7 Hamas attack and subsequent Israel-Gaza conflict
Marquette beats No. 1 Kansas 73-59 in Maui Invitational