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Silicon Valley Bank collapses; global financial impact; First Citizens Bank acquires the troubled institution.  

Helium Summary: Silicon Valley Bank, a midsize California lender, experienced a massive collapse, which resulted in nearly $120 billion in deposits being withdrawn from small US banks and had global repercussions on the financial system [World Socialist][].

The bank's collapse led to an increase in money-market funds and lawmakers questioning bank regulation practices [Market Watch][Daily Caller].

March 28, 2023

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Financial Impact

The collapse led to massive cash withdrawals from smaller banks and affected global financial markets [World Socialist][Real Clear Politics]

Regulation Concerns

Top bank regulators face scrutiny from Congress, questioning their prevention methods [Daily Caller]


First Citizens Bank is set to acquire the troubled Silicon Valley Bank [].

Tech Industry Leaders

Concerned about the collapse's impact on startup investments and businesses [Washington Times][ZeroHedge Opinion]

Banking Sector

Reflecting on risk controls, regulatory oversight, and the vulnerabilities within the current innovation model [Market Watch][]

Political Stakeholders

Blaming regulatory changes or highlighting "woke" issues in the collapse, fueling a political blame game [][Epoch Times].

Roku's Perspective

Roku had $487 million, representing 26 percent of its cash, in Silicon Valley Bank, and now faces the risk of losing 25 percent of its cash.

Circle's Perspective

Circle's USD Coin lost its dollar peg and fell to a record low after the company revealed it has nearly 8% of its $40 billion in reserves tied up at the collapsed lender Silicon Valley Bank.

Israeli Startups' Perspective

Israeli startups have been affected by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, with many facing liquidity issues.

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What caused the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was caused by a rapid series of events that caused a bank run and a capital crisis [The Cradle].

How much of Circle's reserves were tied up at the collapsed lender?

Circle revealed it has nearly 8% of its $40 billion in reserves tied up at the collapsed lender Silicon Valley Bank [Fortune].

What is the impact of the collapse on Israeli startups?

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has had a wide-reaching impact on Israeli startups, with many facing liquidity issues [SF Gate].

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News Media Bias

The headlines and perspectives provided offer a mix of mainstream media, financial news outlets, and opinion pieces, covering various angles of the bank's collapse including its financial effects, regulatory concerns, and efforts to address the crisis [Market Watch][Daily Caller][][The Wall Street Journal][ZeroHedge Opinion].

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Social Media Perspectives

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has sparked a wide range of reactions on Social Media.

While some blame deregulation and the weakening of federal bank regulation, others attribute the failure to rising interest rates and poor risk assessment.

Many are outraged over the bank's decision to award bonuses to employees and the suspicious stock sales by executives before the collapse.

People are also expressing concern about the impact on startups and the broader economy.

The situation has prompted calls for tougher regulations, increased oversight, and investigations into the bank's collapse.


Silicon Valley Bank's collapse had both domestic and global financial repercussions, highlighting the need for improved bank regulation and risk management.

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