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Novel ‘pRTMS®’ Investigation into Behavioral & Mental Health Treatment Starts this Summer at West Virginia University


With an exploding behavioral and mental health crisis in the United States (and increasingly worldwide), what if there was a way to systematically tune-up, improve, or even optimize brain health without pharmaceutical products via an advanced neurorestorative technology? An approach that could not only transform patients’ lives but also teams, companies, and organizations? A well-known foundational technology called Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach for treating adults with major depression, may become even more tailored to the particular patient with the novel personalized Transcranial Magnetic Simulation or “pRTMS®,” a cutting-edge investigational digital health therapy soon to be a focal point of major clinical trials including one at West Virginia University. A planned study to commence this summer will use this digital health platform, based on neural alpha wave dynamics targeting TMS intervention factoring in location and frequency of TMS location to take on mission-critical behavioral and mental health indications. Already used as an off-label treatment non-therapeutically across the United States, this forthcoming clinical trial assesses the ability of pRTMS to enhance critically important targets of cognitive performance and sleep quality from baseline metrics.
Trial Site News     May 07, 2022