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Private Placement Balanced News

Private Placement


Mesoblast Completes US$110/A$138 Million Financing Led by US Strategic Investor Group: "Based on the US$110 million private placement (A$138 million), pro-forma cash-on-hand at December 31, 2020 would be approximately US$187.5 million. The investors also receive warrants to acquire a further 15 million shares at a price of A$2.88 per share, a 25% premium to the placement price, which may raise up to a further A$43.2 million (US$34 million at the current exchange rate), on or before 15 March 2028. Mesoblast has a right to call on the funds at any time during the term, subject to a share trading price of at least A$4.32 for 45 cons...
— (
AP) (3/2)     Mar 05, 2021

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Minimum Wage Balanced News

Minimum Wage

Democrats Plot Their Plan B To Save Minimum Wage Hike: "Senate Finance Chair Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) "is looking at various options to stay within our allocation and support small businesses," said his spokesperson Ashley Schapitl, noting that he’s previously said "he’s doing all he can" to keep the minimum wage increase in the broader package."...
— (
Politico) (2/22)     Feb 25, 2021

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