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Financial Crime: ‘This feels like a scam’: Third-party seller admits to stealing $1.3 million from Amazon in elaborate fake sale-and-refund fraud

Outside the Box: The U.S. spent years ignoring Russia’s incursions, and now the consequences are dire

The Margin: Why this ‘worthless’ baseball card just sold for $72,500

Federal employees should not invest their retirement savings in Chinese companies - MarketWatch

These two energy companies are shoveling cash to investors and their stock prices are cheap - MarketWatch

Who's to blame for Thursday's selloff? The Fed, and you, says this analyst - MarketWatch

Outside the Box: Federal employees should not invest their retirement savings in Chinese companies

Outside the Box: I’m pushing Peloton to end its dual-class shareholder structure — and other companies should do the same

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: Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden refuse to go to Russia for upcoming World Cup games   37k 🔥

London Markets: Gazprom, Lukoil and Sberbank are now penny stocks as Russian companies collapse in London   17k 🔥

Rex Nutting: The price of gasoline isn’t really at a record high. In fact, the inflation-adjusted cost of driving a mile was higher for most of the past century   12k 🔥

Need to Know: Here’s the playbook if the rest of the world breaks free from the U.S. dollar, says Credit Suisse’s monetary plumbing guru   9k 🔥

The Margin: Should you be worried about these ‘parachuting spiders’? Six things to know about them   9k 🔥

: Gasoline vouchers worth $300 a month? Some economists back new government aid as prices at the pump soar   8k 🔥

Coronavirus Update: Fully vaccinated will need fourth dose later this year, and new variant dubbed ‘deltacron’ detected in Europe   7k 🔥

The Margin: Skippy recalls over 160K pounds of peanut butter possibly containing steel fragments   7k 🔥

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Project Syndicate: The U.S. must end its ambiguous policy and explicitly promise to defend Taiwan against any Chinese attack

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I am now in a higher tax bracket, and need a financial adviser. Please help. - MarketWatch

Cresco Labs is buying Columbia Care in major cannabis merger that will create biggest U.S. player - MarketWatch

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