Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 262          Average Emotion: 3          Prescription Bias: 2 Most Emotional Articles

Marco Rubio’s Lazy, Bad-Faith Effort to Weaponize Amazon Workers

Republicans Greet Covid Stimulus With Another Round of Inflation Fearmongering

A Brief Cultural History Of Work Sucking

The Nail-Biting Story of Obamacare Most Shared Articles

How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access To COVID Vaccines   2k 🔥

The Post-Trump Crack-Up of the Evangelical Community

Can Religion Give You PTSD?

The Sadism of Eating Real Meat Over Lab Meat Most Prescriptive Articles

Originalism Is Dead. Long Live Catholic Natural Law.

Vaccine Denialism Is the Right Wing’s Favorite New Conspiracy Theory Most Recent Articles