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This is amazing

didn't know they made these huge shower/bathtubs in first place.

Happy Birthday to a future legend!

FCC cracks down on robocalls with record $225 million fine

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Daughter posting about mom (Kelly Ann conway) a few hours ago   2k 🔥

New footage from inside the attack on the Capitol on January 6th   2k 🔥

I'm an ex Q, former conspiracy theorist, ama.   1k 🔥

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The Silver Squeeze is a hedge-fund coordinated attack so they can keep fighting the $GME fight

Little girls/boys are NOT kinky and thinking it's okay to sexualize children in ANY way is WRONG AND MAKES YOU A F*CKING PEDOPHILE!

LPT: If you have a bad experience at a hotel, calmly and politely explaining the situation to a manager will get you a lot more of a discount than throwing a fit or threatening a negative review.

Cities with medium and high density populations will need both vaccination and distancing to prevent future intense waves of COVID-19, until herd immunity is reached. Strong physical distancing interventions implemented for short periods of time may be more effective than mild, longer term ones.

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