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Brian Armstrong seeking cofounder on HN (2012)

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Brian Armstrong seeking cofounder on HN (2012)

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Brian Armstrong seeking cofounder on HN (2012)

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I have an awesome prototype built that brings an emerging tech to the masses and I think has a good shot at changing the world. YC has expressed interest (got to the interview as solo applicant in the last batch but decided to defer without a co-founder). This idea won't be fresh forever (there are others starting to look into it) so I want to move on this asap with the right team. But there is one thing holding me back from knocking this out of the park: I have yet to find the right co-founder.For the past year I've met with 1 or 2 people a week, either by phone or coffee, and despite some close calls that person hasn't turned up yet. But I believe they are out there, and I'm hoping they are reading HN tonight.Getting a "shotgun wedding" is really not ideal, but if you are the the right person then I don't care how we meet. I'm going to improve my chances of finding you any way I can.So what is the idea?Credit card fees are too high. In the next five years merchants are going to start moving away from paying 2.5% plus 30 cents per transaction when fast secure alternatives become available. They're going to (at first) offer them at checkout alongside traditional credit card options, and then eventually start incentivising consumers to make the switch. If Amazon has a 5% margin on a $100 text book they aren't going to give $2.00 of their $5 to Visa/MC forever.The same thing is going to happen in mobile. Your phone is going to become your wallet, and I don't think 30 year old credit card technology is going to be powering this new ewallet when someone goes to buy a cup of coffee in 10 years. All solutions today are carrying along the legacy baggage of credit cards.So what will this solution be? It's going to be a digital currency, like bitcoin or some derivative of it, running in the cloud with a solid api to build an ecosystem around it. It's going to spring up organically in developing countries first I think, or places without stable currencies. If you think bi...
Ycombinator     Apr 15, 2021