Correlated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly with NFLX

RIVN Forecast   Rivian Automotive (0.98)

INMD Forecast   Inmode (0.98)

DKNG Forecast   DraftKings (0.97)

PYPL Forecast   PayPal (0.97)

FUBO Forecast   fuboTV (0.96)

Uncorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets with little price relationship to NFLX

EWZ Forecast   iShares MSCI Brazil (0.0)

LYB Forecast   LyondellBasell Industries (-0.01)

GSK Forecast   Glaxosmithkline (-0.01)

AA Forecast   Alcoa (0.01)

CVS Forecast   CVS Health (0.02)

Anticorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly against NFLX

BMY Forecast   Bristol-Myers Squibb (-0.87)

BPT Forecast   BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty (-0.87)

VLO Forecast   Valero Energy (-0.88)

CVE Forecast   Cenovus Energy (-0.89)

PSQ Forecast   ProShares Short QQQ (-0.9)

NFLX News over Time

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NFLX Media Sentiment (?)

1.9:  Inverse

1.9:  CNET

1.3:  Kotaku

0.6:  Esquire

0.3:  USA Today

0.2:  Engadget

-1.3:  ZeroHedge Opinion

-1.5:  Market Watch

-1.9:  CNBC

-2.0:  Wired

-2.1:  The Information

-2.4:  The Wall Street Journal

NetFlix Forecast

NetFlix (NFLX)


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monster the jeffrey dahmer Balanced News

 Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer 

Netflix removes 'Monster' label from documentary about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer after criticism of its new documentary about the murder spree of Milwaukee-area men and boys.

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