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0.5:  Engadget

-0.8:  Axios

Correlated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly with SNAP

EGHT Forecast   8X8 (0.98)

BAND Forecast   Bandwidth (0.97)

PEGA Forecast   Pegasystems (0.97)

ROKU Forecast   Roku (0.97)

AMPE Forecast   Ampio Pharmaceuticals (0.97)

Anticorrelated Stock Forecasts

Assets that tend to move strongly against SNAP

PBT Forecast   Permian Basin Royalty (-0.93)

ARLP Forecast   Alliance Resource (-0.93)

MCK Forecast   Mckesson (-0.93)

XOM Forecast   Exxon Mobil (-0.91)

CVE Forecast   Cenovus Energy (-0.9)

Snapchat Forecast

Snapchat (SNAP)


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parental controls Balanced News

 Parental Controls 

Snapchat Family Center lets parents keep an eye on their kids' friends list and messaged in the last seven days. But are parental controls the answer?

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helping launch Balanced News

 Helping Launch 

NASA to launch 2 more mini helicopters to Mars to help return rock samples from ancient Martian sites, including ancient rocks, fossils, and more.

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