Trade with edge: Defined-risk SBUX trades with asymmetric payouts.  80,813 trades analyzed daily.  Video Explainer

risk 1 to make Unlimited

Max Loss: $27 Max Win: Unlimited

Probability of Profit (?)

Helium probability of profit 12%    Market probability of profit 11%

Expected Edge (?)

Helium expected value $1    Market expected value $230

Historical Performance: 15 Trades

Return: 14%    (16% Annual)

Payout at Expiration

SBUX trade payout at expiration

*The x-axis is the price of SBUX. The y-axis represents potential profit or potential loss. The dashed blue line represents Helium future price uncertainty. The dashed orange line represents Market future price uncertainty. The vertical orange line is SBUX last closing price.

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