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Bullish Case: EW showcases robust growth potential with recent strategic acquisitions and technology adoptions like TEER, promising continual market leadership and revenue enhancement in the cardiovascular device sector.

Bearish Case: Intensified competition, unresolved regulatory challenges from the EU antitrust complaint, and a potential dampening of market confidence post-patent lawsuit loss pose significant risks to EW's financials and stock stability.

Potential Outcomes:

1) 60% chance - EW's investment in transcatheter technology drives market share growth.

2) 25% chance - EU legal issues inflict reputational damage.

3) 15% chance - Market struggles with risk aversion due to regulatory fears.

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May 14, 2024

Edwards Lifesciences Forecast

EW      Edwards Lifesciences
Price Forecast: NEUTRAL    Price Action: RANDOM (?)

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