About Helium Trades

Adaptive market forecasts & balanced news feed

Founded in 2016, Helium is your personal balanced news feed without ads and your transparent machine-learning powered stock analyst. Become brilliant with our high-level, politically and socially balanced news feed. Browse your feed to discover ideas that will push you to think deeper. There’s memes. Generate wealth with our transparent algorithms crunching away over a quadrillion calculations per day.

But it won’t be easy.

Standing in the way of intellectual growth lie a maze of beliefs, concepts, and dogma. Helium will inject an energetic dose of uncertainty into your thinking; refine your mental models and seek broader and more interesting perspectives.

Conflicting interpretations will dare you to ask smarter questions, introspect, and let go of unquestioned ideas and tacit assumptions. Statistical forecast uncertainties will turn your attention away from narratives and towards empiricism and synthesis.

Are you really ready for Helium?

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