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Humble AI Market Forecasts

Bullish Stock Forecasts

Statistical forecasts. Transparent models.

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Short volatility options trading strategies

Daily optimized options trading strategies.

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Bullish Stock Forecasts

Understand the big picture, faster.

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Helium Trades gives you access to dynamic forecasts for 9,087 stocks + digital assets.
Make smarter trades with Helium's transparent price and volatility models. Optimized daily.


Machine Learning Stock Forecasts + Balanced AI News.

Transparent Machine Learning Price Forecasts

Easily see probabilities + risk

Stock/Digital Asset Volatility Forecasts

Millions of potential trades optimized per day

Ideologically Balanced News Feed

Insightful news summarized by AI

Stock + Digital Asset Forecasts Powered By:

Sentiment analysis for stock forecasting

News & Social Sentiment Analysis

Buzz + sentiment from across the web and social media.

Balance sheet and fundamentals for stock price prediction

Fundamental Analysis

Hundreds of fundamental/valuation metrics.

Helium uses analyst opinions as inputs to our price prediction models

Analyst Opinions

Aggregated analyst optinions + market prices.

Helium looks at price and news of correlated assets in our models

Competitor Analysis

Market competitors + correlated asset prices.

Helium uses search data around company keywords as an input to our machine learning models

Search Engine & Online Ad Spend Data

Website traffic + company online ad spend.

Multi-level machine learning


Multi-level random forest predictions models.

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— Colin M, Growth Investor

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— David K, Head of Growth


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