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small business


SEC Releases Report and Recommendations on the 39th Annual Small Business Forum: "The Securities and Exchange Commission today delivered a report to Congress on the 39th Annual Small Business Forum. The Forum is a unique event where members of the public and private sectors gather to craft suggestions for policy impacting emerging businesses and their investors, from startups to smaller public companies. The Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation hosted the 2020 Forum on June 18, 2020 in a completely virtual format, which resulted in an inclusive event that engaged entrepreneurs, investors, market parti...
— (Securities Exchange Commission) (9/14)     Sep 18, 2020

fall football


Wednesday Sports in Brief: "Less than five weeks after pushing fall sports to spring in the name of player safety during the pandemic, the conference changed course Wednesday and said it plans to open its football season the weekend of Oct. 23-24. "...
— The Associated Press (Washington Times) (9/17)     Sep 18, 2020

2020 presidential


Twitter adds election hub to elevate 'reputable' news and voting info: "Twitter recently introduced a new election misinformation policy that allows it to take more aggressive action on tweets that could undermine election results. Now, the company is taking new steps to promote official election information to its users ahead of the 2020 presidential election. "...
— Karissa Bell (Engadget) (9/15)     Sep 18, 2020

college students


How to Succeed in First-Year College Writing: "College writing is the only course required of all students at the university level. Even with AP tests eliminating first-year writing for some students, a third-semester course is often required that all students must take."...
— Lee G. Hornbrook (Medium) (9/17)     Sep 18, 2020

artificial intelligence


New X-ray microscopy technique enables comprehensive imaging of dense neural circuits: "Images generated by XNH must be interpreted to identify which structures are neurons. The team tackled this by applying deep learning, an artificial intelligence technique increasingly used for applications such as face or object recognition."...
— (Science Daily) (9/14)     Sep 17, 2020

global warming


Facebook gives in to pressure on climate-change myths — including that antifa started deadly wildfires in western states — with new ‘science-based’ hub: "Facebook, long targeted by critics for allowing misinformation on global warming and other environmental developments to populate users’ social-media feeds unchecked, announced it will launch a new information hub to provide "science-based information" about climate change. "...
— (Market Watch) (9/15)     Sep 17, 2020

phosphine gas


Scientists detect a gas that typically indicates the presence of biological life in the atmosphere of Venus: "In a press briefing today, scientists rom the Royal Astronomical Society announced a potentially revolutionary scientific discovery: They’ve detected the presence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus, which suggests the possible presence of biological life. Phosphine is a gas that’s a known biosignature, which means it’s only present when some for of life is also present – and more than that, it’s a gas that also has no known false positives, at least when detected on Earth, that are mistaken for phosphine and not a result of biological lif...
— Darrell Etherington (Tech Crunch) (9/14)     Sep 17, 2020