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trump campaign


A Scathing Ruling Against the Trump Campaign Highlights the Gap Between Rudy Giuliani's 'Massive Fraud' Claim and His Legal Arguments: "A federal judge in Pennsylvania yesterday rejected a Trump campaign lawsuit that sought to prevent certification of the presidential election results in that state. U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann dismissed the campaign's claims with prejudice, meaning it cannot try again with a revised complaint. Brann's scathing ruling, which concludes that neither the campaign nor the two Pennsylvania voters named as plaintiffs had standing to bring the suit and in any event failed to state any valid constitutional claims, vividly illustrates the chasm be...
— Jacob Sullum ([email protected]) (Reason) (11/22)     Nov 23, 2020

clinical trial


COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time – but are these game-changers safe?: "I am an infectious diseases specialist and professor at the University of Virginia. I care for patients with COVID-19 and am conducting the local site for a phase 3 clinical trial of Regeneron’s antibody cocktail as a tool to prevent household transmission of COVID-19. I’m also conducting research on how dysregulation of the immune system during SARS-CoV-2 infection causes lung damage."...
— William Petri, Professor Of Medicine, University Of Virginia (The Conversation) (11/20)     Nov 23, 2020

investment firm


FireEye surges as investment firm Blackstone takes $400 million investment, board seat: "Shares of cloud-based security provider FireEye shot up almost 10% in late trading Thursday evening after the company announced that private equity firm Blackstone Group is making a $400 million investment in the company and taking a board seat. "...
— (ZDNet) (11/19)     Nov 23, 2020

electric vehicle


After Math: Microsoft turns the big 3-5: "The push towards EVs grows in strength daily. Last week a conglomeration of electric vehicle startups as well as numerous players within the battery tech supply chain decided to join forces and form a lobbying supergroup. This new organization will be tasked with courting lawmakers for their help in expanding the scope of the EV market. "...
— Andrew Tarantola (Engadget) (11/22)     Nov 23, 2020

lending programs


The Fed: Mnuchin pulls plug on some coronavirus emergency lending programs over Fed’s objections: "In a letter to the Fed, Mnuchin said the Fed’s innovative lending program for small- and medium-sized businesses would not be extended. He also said he wouldn’t extend the Fed’s municipal lending and corporate credit loan programs."...
— (Market Watch) (11/20)     Nov 23, 2020

climate change


Climate Change Is Intensifying the Tsunami Threat in Alaska: "Climate change makes land more unstable and increases the risk of landslide-caused tsunamis. As the climate warms, glaciers melt and recede, pulling back from the mountainsides they were hugging. Barry Glacier's wall of ice—which once held the hillside in place, supporting it against the fjord’s mountains—has thinned, edging away from the rock face, releasing its support and revealing an unstable slope that is slipping downward toward the ocean. Brentwood Higman, geologist and executive director of Ground Truth Alaska, is working with other sc...
— Victoria Petersen (Wired) (11/21)     Nov 23, 2020

blinken secretary


Biden to Name Longtime Aide Blinken as Secretary of State: "President-elect Joe Biden intends to name his longtime adviser Antony Blinken as secretary of state, according to three people familiar with the matter, setting out to assemble his cabinet even before Donald Trump concedes defeat. Derek Wallbank reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe." (Source: Bloomberg)"...
— (Bloomberg) (11/23)     Nov 23, 2020

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