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Drone warfare escalates globally, affecting conflicts and civilian safety
Trump survived an assassination attempt at a rally
Trump's classified documents case dismissed, citing unconstitutional special counsel appointment
Sen. Menendez convicted of bribery and corruption charges
Trump survives assassination attempt, boosting election prospects
Multiple Russian military strikes in Ukraine
Senator Menendez's ongoing corruption trial deliberates bribery accusations
Project 2025 is a significant conservative agenda shaping political discourse
Royal tour to Australia while King continues cancer treatment
Debate on voter registration laws intensifies in U.S. political landscape
Matthew McConaughey considers running for political office
SCOTUS ends 40 years of Chevron deference
Controversial judicial and appropriations decisions continue to impact U.S. politics
Trump selects JD Vance as vice-presidential candidate
Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill 90 people
Ukraine-France military confrontation with significant French casualties

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