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british prime minister liz Balanced News

 British Prime Minister Liz 

Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96, as World Leaders Pay Tribute to the Queen and the Queen's Long-Serving Majesty. She Was 96 Years Old.

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texas gov greg abbott Balanced News

 Texas Gov Greg Abbott 

Texas judge blocks state from investigating LGBTQ kids who receive gender- affirming medical care, a victory for Republicans. It was first dreamed up by former President Donald Trump.

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florida governor ron desantis Balanced News

 Florida Governor Ron Desantis 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is facing criminal investigation for sending 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard. And if he does, he could face a class-action lawsuit.

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migrant flights Balanced News

 Migrant Flights 

GOP governors sending migrants to Democratic strongholds to taunt 'sanctuary cities' over border policies.migrant flights to taunt Pelosi-led cities and tout their opposition.

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ukraine russian Balanced News

 Ukraine Russian 

Russian missile strikes nuclear plant in southern Ukraine, killing 78,000 people since the invasion began on February 24, Russia says, and the UN says it has no evidence of war crimes.

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ukrainian forces Balanced News

 Ukrainian Forces 

Ukrainian forces press counteroffensive in northeastern part of the country as nuclear plant shuts down over radiation fears. Russian forces withdraw from Hrakove in biggest battlefield victory in years.

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