TV Forecast

Bullish Case: Grupo Televisa SAB (TV) might recover from its significant drop (-46.2% YoY) given the high implied volatility and any positive turn in underlying fundamentals. HeliumTrades historical price return surface shows potential positive outliers.

Bearish Case: Televisa continues to face a harsh environment, indicated by HeliumTrades forecast (-0.9%) and a consistent downtrend (-68.6% over five years). High implied volatility exposes downside risks if negative news impacts sentiment.

Potential Outcomes:

1. Positive earnings surprise (20%)

2. Adverse regulatory impact (15%)

3. Market correction affecting overall sentiment (40%)

4. Continued operational challenges (25%)

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June 19, 2024

Grupo Televisa SAB Forecast

TV      Grupo Televisa SAB

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