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AI Generated News Bias (?): This news source appears to have a pro-Israel bias, as many of the headlines focus on Israel and its relations with other countries. There are also several headlines that focus on antisemitism and religious issues in Israel.

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Jerusalem Post Most Emotional Articles

Zelensky 'shocked by lack of support from Israel'

Israel one of top five worst countries to work in, study finds

Trump calls to terminate US Constitution due to 'election fraud'

Ben-Gvir leaked recording: Netanyahu 'used us, stabbed us in the back'

Are Iranian suicide drones performing poorly in Russia-Ukraine war? - UK intel

One hurt as package explodes at university in Boston

Schools across America plagued by antisemitic vandalism, hate crimes

Ukrainian ambassador to Israel attacks 'deeply disappointing' Benny Gantz

Jerusalem Post Most Shared Articles

Israel must get rid of its nuclear weapons, UNGA majority decides   4k 🔥

Israel giving intel on Russia's Iranian drones to Ukraine - report   4k 🔥

Iran hit tanker to distract from Georgia assassination plot - Israeli officials   1k 🔥

Zelensky 'shocked by lack of support from Israel'   1k 🔥

IDF to use armed drones for targeted killings in West Bank   1k 🔥

WATCH: Gun battle in Jenin, terrorist shot by IDF sniper   1k 🔥

Pakistan, Indonesia delegations in Israel for secret talks - report   1k 🔥

Huge explosion rocks Russian bridge leading into Crimea, 3 dead   1k 🔥

Jerusalem Post Most Subjective Articles

Whoopi Goldberg: Hamas, Taliban as terror orgs 'depends who you talk to'

You would not believe how a passenger tried to sneak a gun onto their flight

Cannot find paracetamol? Here's a complete guide of painkillers

Are you too easily influenced? This optical illusion will tell you

Jerusalem Post Most Fearful Articles

Netanyahu trial: Milchan aide testifies PMO chief was worried about jail

Iran holds drills on border with Azerbaijan

Jerusalem Post Most Pessimistic Articles

New government will not live out its days, Likud MK predicts

Russian Foreign Ministry slams Kyiv's 'godless' raid on Orthodox monastery

Russia fires nuclear warhead-capable cruise missile with 'dummy' payload

Microplastic waste exposure on Israeli beaches 'inevitable' - study - The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post Most Gossipy Articles

Jews 'own banks, they own the media' says model Carmen Ortega

Is Russia actually making an 'Iron Man' suit?

Despite sanctions, wife of Kremlin spokesman reportedly vacationing in Israel

Thanksgiving: The origins, criticisms, Jewish views of the holiday - explainer

Jerusalem Post Deleted Articles

'Good people saving lives’: How Christians support Israel

Jerusalem Post Most Prescriptive Articles

US concerned by Israel's new West Bank restrictions for foreigners

Russia-Ukraine War: Israel must deter Iran as it gives Russia drones - analysis

Orthodox parties demand legalization of gender segregation

UN General Assembly calls for Russia to make reparations in Ukraine

Ukraine foreign minister tells Iran: stop sending arms to Russia

How did a radical Islamist fool the West? - analysis

Religious parties to demand reforms to Law of Return as coalition bargaining chip

Ukraine needs to be 'far-sighted' to secure peace, pope says

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