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Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Emotional Articles

Who should right-wingers vote for in the Israeli election? - opinion

West Bank lawlessness must be stopped - editorial

Haredi political leader's misguided thoughts - editorial

Israel is facing a ticking bomb: Haredi unemployment

Putin's 'victory' may be much worse than his defeat -opinion

Will US-Saudi rift benefit China and Russia? - opinion

Is Biden going to hinder the hijab revolution? - opinion

Israel continues to kick the Palestinian can down the road - will it work? - opinion

Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Shared Articles

Israel voted for Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir. Let them govern - editorial - The Jerusalem Post

The EU must ban Samidoun following its Brussels Jew hate fest - opinion - The Jerusalem Post

UN pushes to declare Israeli occupation illegal, may seek ICJ opinion

Political battle: Is Israel more Jewish or Israeli? - opinion - The Jerusalem Post

With Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, Israel exits Lapid's intolerant gov't - opinion

Putin's 'victory' may be much worse than his defeat -opinion

Will Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir bring Israel back to the Dark Ages? - opinion

Israel is facing a ticking bomb: Haredi unemployment

Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Subjective Articles

Moving forward after the elections -opinion - The Jerusalem Post

Israel's US friends need to stop worrying about elections - opinion - The Jerusalem Post

Lebanon: here we go again - opinion

Beheading of gay Palestinian desecrates sacred city Hebron -opinion - The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Pessimistic Articles

The World Cup and global games

What Thomas Friedman gets wrong about Israel and democracy -opinion - The Jerusalem Post

'Jewish supremacy' is an oxymoronic term - opinion - The Jerusalem Post

Levant Christians fear: Is this the end of Middle East Christianity? - The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Gossipy Articles

My Word: The art of climate change conferences

How do we get Bibi, Lapid and Gantz on the same page? - opinion

Jerusalem Post (Opinion) Most Prescriptive Articles

When it comes to Israel, no news is good news - opinion

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