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AI Generated News Bias (?): The news source generally covers a wide range of topics, and although there are instances of focusing on negative aspects, like in [PBS] and [PBS], there doesn't seem to be a strong or consistent ideological bias.

Some stories touch on progressive issues, such as transgender rights [PBS] and banning semi-automatic rifles [PBS], and some on conservative issues like gun-related incidents [PBS] and bank failures [PBS]. However, the focus on various issues doesn't indicate a clear agenda or bias.

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May 20, 2023

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PBS Most Emotional Articles

😑 2022 was nasty, deadly, costly and hot, UN's weather agency says

😑 U.S. report on Afghanistan evacuation blames intelligence failures, Trump administration

😑 McDonald's found liable for hot Chicken McNugget that burned girl

😑 'We started running': Gunman kills 8 people at Texas outlet mall

😑 Insurance losses from Mississippi tornado nearing $100 million

😑 Montana House cancels session after supporters for trans lawmaker continue protests

😑 Brooks and Capehart on Fox's false claims of fraud after the last presidential election

😑 Economic concerns grow as First Republic Bank becomes 3rd major bank to fail this year

PBS Most Shared Articles

Justice Thomas took lavish trips paid for by GOP donor, investigative report says   1k πŸ”₯

Base renamed as military plans to stop honoring Confederacy - PBS NewsHour   1k πŸ”₯

Semi-automatic rifle ban passes Washington Legislature, governor expected to sign   1k πŸ”₯

Nashville governing council votes to return Rep. Justin Jones to Tennessee House after expulsion   1k πŸ”₯

😊 'The Wisdom of Morrie' offers insights on living and aging joyfully   1k πŸ”₯

😊 MLB teams extend alcohol sales after new pitch clock shortens games   1k πŸ”₯

Providence Art Club a haven for diverse artists since 1880   1k πŸ”₯

😠 Virginia grand jury indicts mother of 6-year-old who shot teacher   1k πŸ”₯

PBS Most Begging The Question Articles

Another strong jobs report raises more questions about inflation and interest rate hikes

Why Waco siege still resonates 30 years later -- especially among anti-government extremists

What's next for Iran and Saudi Arabia as nations take major step toward reconciliation

What does the Comstock Act, a law from the 1870s, have to do with abortion pills?

PBS Most Opinionated Articles

News Wrap: Russia fires new missile barrage at Kyiv

School administrators hope apprenticeship programs will alleviate teacher shortages

How the American Dream convinced people loneliness is normal

Why artificial intelligence developers say regulation is needed to keep AI in check

PBS Most Appeal to Authority Articles

News Wrap: Biden calls for tougher penalties for executives of failed banks

News Wrap: Biden pledges federal resources to help tornado recovery efforts

Both expelled Tennessee lawmakers seeking a return to their seats

Greece's prime minister apologizes for deadly train crash as unions, activists protest

PBS Most Subjective Articles

Video of Nashville school shooting renews debate over how to prevent attacks

New MLK Jr. biography reveals civil rights leader was misquoted in criticism of Malcolm X

Andy Cohen on his latest adventure as the father of two kids

Virginia judge rules human embryos are 'chattel' based on centuries-old slave laws

PBS Most Fearful Articles

Records released in Fox defamation suit show pressures on network's journalists

Why the leak of top-secret government documents could inspire similar leaks

Powder, threatening letter sent to Manhattan district attorney investigating Trump

French police prepare for protest violence as trash strike ends

PBS Most Gossipy Articles

Andy Cohen on his latest adventure as the father of two kids

Trump says he expects to be arrested in hush-money case, stokes unrest on social media

DeSantis to expand 'Don't Say Gay' law to high school classes

Why Waco siege still resonates 30 years later -- especially among anti-government extremists

PBS Most Prescriptive Articles    

Blinken warns China that balloon incursion 'must never happen again'

Iraqi prime minister promises action to tackle climate change, transition to renewables

In a speech, China's Xi Jinping calls for 'more quickly elevating' armed forces

Kansas Supreme Court signals continued abortion rights support

How harm reduction advocates are working to prevent fentanyl overdose deaths

Ukraine's Zelenskyy seeks more sanctions against Russia as fighting grinds on

Biden administration proposes rule to forbid bans on transgender athletes but allow limits

Here's what Biden's budget would do -- if Congress supports it

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