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The Blaze Most Begging The Question Articles

🚨 DHS secretary confronted with impeachment news at the same time he blames Republicans for border crisis

🚨 NPR boss accused of being something far more impactful than just another radical World Economic Forum anointee

😨 'Demand Hamas to surrender': Fetterman continues speaking out against Hamas

The Blaze Most Ideological Articles

🚨 Marjorie Taylor Greene to pull trigger on motion to vacate next week, targeting Mike Johnson for ouster from speakership

🚨 Texas judge orders release of illegal aliens after they mobbed National Guard troops, rioted

😨 House GOP aims to deport, permanently ban illegal immigrants convicted of sexual assault

The Blaze Most Opinionated Articles

🚨 JK Rowling buries trans activists with must-read takedown in defense of women: 'You are not kind. You are not righteous.'

πŸ—£οΈ 'This race is far from over': Haley congratulates Trump on New Hampshire victory but doesn't plan to drop out

πŸ”΄ Biden is left 'seething,' outraged, and cursing when confronted with reality over re-election polls: Report

The Blaze Most Oversimplified Articles

πŸ”΄ DHS Secretary Mayorkas roundly mocked after floating yet another absurd euphemism for illegal immigration

😨 Illegal alien allegedly kidnaps 11-year-old Florida girl, rapes her in van

🚨 'He became desensitized to violent acts': Woman shares what her porn-addicted husband requested of her in the bedroom

The Blaze Most Immature Articles

🚨 FBI nabs Nazi-supporting transvestite who reportedly threatened to 'go out in a blaze of glory' over 'trans phobic a**holes'

😨 Democratic strategist calls Clarence Thomas 'an enemy to Black people'

🚨 Radicals are targeting the esteemed doctor whose UK-commissioned report blew up the transgender narrative

The Blaze Most Advertorial Articles

πŸ›οΈ Shocking new theory about Malaysian Airlines flight 370

🚨 Clinton's 'deal with the DEVIL' destroyed Haiti; sent formaldehyde-filled trailers as aid

🚨 RFK Jr. admits he was WRONG to call for Glenn Beck's censorship: 'I would never say anything like that today'

The Blaze Most Appeal to Authority Articles

🚨 Oklahoma drag queen resigns as elementary school principal, prompting lamentations from local media: 'Not illegal in any way'

πŸ”΄ Levin: Unraveling America's legal beginnings

😨 Are Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shannon Sharpe tossing Baphomet's salad?

The Blaze Most Covering Responses

🚨 Kate Middleton supposedly spotted over the weekend, but wild conspiracy theories continue to circulate

😨 'Demand Hamas to surrender': Fetterman continues speaking out against Hamas

🚨 Fani Willis and black Democrats are the most racist people in America

The Blaze Most Subjective Articles

πŸ”΄ Donald Trump punched Charles Barkley in the face, and the Round Mound has yet to recover

😨 Fear not: President Joe Biden IS the picture of health

😨 Florida woman threatens to kill ex-boyfriend, new girlfriend if they didn't have Christmas threesome with her: Sheriff

The Blaze Most Pro-establishment Articles

😨 Pfizer chemical spill in Michigan causes local authorities to issue no-contact advisory of Kalamazoo River

🚨 NYPD breach occupied Columbia University building and arrest around 100 Hamas-endorsed students

🚨 Dylan Mulvaney hates women, and his new music video proves it

The Blaze Most Fearful Articles

😨 Violent rapist in Maryland allegedly murders 'devoted' parole officer

😨 Families of Boeing crash victims speak out, demand consequences for the company's errors

😨 Florida man brutally beat to death his 4-year-old daughter, according to police: 'No remorse. No emotion, nothing'

The Blaze Most Gossipy Articles

πŸ—£οΈ Fired university chancellor claims free speech after he's caught filming porn with wife and others, posting videos online

😨 16-year-old girl in Georgia vanishes without shoes after suspected 'psychotic episode'

πŸ—£οΈ Rick Scott and other politicians report being swatted

The Blaze Most Victimization Articles

🚨 Local homeless man denied access to migrant shelter in Massachusetts: Video

🚨 'F*** these cops': New York woman runs car into police officer who suffers fractured arm and leg

😨 Surveillance video captures man sexually assaulting 81-year-old woman with dementia in California

The Blaze Most Double Standard Articles

πŸ“Ί Dr. Phil asks Trump about his plan for revenge, and his answer is STUNNING

😨 Illegal alien allegedly kidnaps 11-year-old Florida girl, rapes her in van

🀨 CBS News finally returns Catherine Herridge's confidential files, but important questions remain unanswered

The Blaze Most Circular Reasoning Articles

🚨 UCLA Jewish student ATTACKED; Biden turns a blind eye

πŸ”„ 'A political tool': The recent TikTok ban could still help Democrats in the 2024 presidential election

πŸ”΄ Levin: Unraveling America's legal beginnings

The Blaze Most Politically Hawkish Articles

Trump attends funeral for slain NYPD officer while Biden prepares to hobnob with celebrities at major NYC fundraiser

Don't expect the NY Times to report this awful Hamas detail

Pro-Palestinian activists tried to host protest at Holocaust Museum but are forced to cancel: 'Stop the Genocide in Gaza'

The Blaze Most Politically Authoritarian Articles

'Enemy of free speech': Journalist Eli Lake dismantles anti-Israel activists who lament the closure of college encampments

North Korea censors pair of jeans on gardening show as part of years-long crackdown on 'anti-socialist' behavior

Watch: Mark Levin educates Marxist Democrats on basic economics

The Blaze Most Overconfident Articles

Fani Willis and black Democrats are the most racist people in America

Find out where illegal immigrants are allowed to vote

Kansas City Chiefs star kicker goes scorched-earth in anti-PC graduation speech: 'Truth is in the minority'

The Blaze Most Politically Conservative Articles

Justice Alito contemplates in thinly veiled hypothetical whether Biden could be taken off ballots for aiding Iran

Florida sheriff excoriates Congress after human trafficking operation finds illegal aliens using federal flight vouchers

Appalling: Rip Curl DROPS Bethany Hamilton in favor of trans surfer

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