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The Blaze Most Emotional Articles

Jean-Pierre totally flounders when reporter asks when Inflation Reduction Act will actually reduce inflation

'You guys are f***ed up!' Former NYC firefighter who says his 20-year career ended after his vaccine religious exemption was denied absolutely shreds city council

Outrage mounts over 'soft' treatment of Islamic terrorist responsible for abuse and deaths of four Americans

'Act of malice': Pro-abortion terror group attacks another pro-life pregnancy center, issues death threats

Beheaded California mother identified. Day before her murder, she threatened to expose suspect's alleged relationship with another man. Grieving father speaks out.

Sen. John Kennedy tells those who hate police to 'call a crackhead' when they're in trouble

Satanic group gets school district to drop rule banning clothes with satanic, cultic references. Satanic group's leader exults that school officials 'caved.'

Reporter tries to blame Trump for Las Vegas Democrat allegedly stabbing journalist to death

'If you are a Republican, you are a Nazi,' tweets Saira Rao, who previously said looking at the American flag makes her want to puke

Navy rescinds punishments for SEALs seeking religious exemptions to COVID vaccine

The Blaze Most Shared Articles

'You loot, we shoot': Ron DeSantis delivers unflinching warning to criminals after looters caught stealing in devastating Hurricane Ian aftermath: 'Don't even think about looting'   57k 🔥

Arizona law banning pornography in public schools goes into effect   20k 🔥

Ron DeSantis sends two planes full of illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard   17k 🔥

Las Vegas police search Democratic county official's home in connection with murder of journalist   16k 🔥

House Republicans push bill that would nix IRS funding from the 'Inflation Reduction Act' and reallocate it for CBP to hire agents to secure the southern border   14k 🔥

Massachusetts voters secure opportunity in November to end law permitting illegal aliens to get driver's licenses   13k 🔥

Navy veteran exonerated, released from prison after serving nearly 30 years for a murder he didn't commit   13k 🔥

Concealed carrier in Chicago shoots armed 13-year-old boy in leg as kid allegedly is breaking into his car   11k 🔥

Another 50 illegal immigrants arrive near DC home of Kamala Harris; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sends 3 more buses of migrants to NYC   10k 🔥

Sen. Joe Manchin says VP Kamala Harris is 'dead wrong' to claim that the border is secure   9k 🔥

The Blaze Most Prescriptive Articles

West Virginia state legislature passes measure that would ban most abortions   2k 🔥

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