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The Daily Wire Most Emotional Articles

Terrified To Speak And Unable To Think: Young Americans Have An Irrational Fear Of Ideas

The Left Has Zero Idea How To React To Conservatives Actually Using Government Power

Clueless Joe Takes Exactly The Wrong Message Out Of 2022 Midterms

IMF Rebukes Britain For Cutting Taxes. Conservative Lawmakers Fire Back.

Black America Needs To Change Or It Will Continue To Be Destroyed

As Russia Tries To Conquer Ukraine, Deviants Try To Conquer Everybody

Democrats Defend Abortion In The Weirdest And Dumbest Ways Possible

Terror Wave In Judea And Samaria Continues As Israel Heads To Elections

The Daily Wire Most Shared Articles

Trump Just Offered To Lead Russia-Ukraine Peace Negotiations. Biden Should Accept.   31k 🔥

Poll: Herschel Walker Increasing Lead In Georgia Senate Race   24k 🔥

British Prime Minister Ends Fracking Ban. Climate Activists Are Irate.   18k 🔥

MAGA Republican Wins NH Primary, Could Become Youngest Woman Ever Elected To Congress   15k 🔥

WATCH: Two Buses Sent By Texas Drop Migrants Off In Front Of VP Kamala Harris Residence   14k 🔥

DeSantis Gives Special Shout Out To 3 Governors Who Helped Respond To Hurricane, Including 1 Democrat   14k 🔥

Ted Cruz Urges DeSantis, Abbott To Send Illegal Immigrants To 3 New Liberal Spots   13k 🔥

Aldi Grocery Store Returns To Trump Era Pricing For Thanksgiving Items In Limited Time Deal   13k 🔥

The Daily Wire Most Subjective Articles

Are We Being Pranked? Biden-Backed Man-Playing-Girl Is Basically A Gross Caricature Of Women

No Longer Dialing It Back: 7 Woke Comedians Possessed By Politics

Justin Trudeau Celebrates Drag Queens On Television

Left-Wing Activist Susan Sarandon Posts Video Of Homeless Encampments, Trash-Filled Streets In Oakland

The Daily Wire Most Fearful Articles

Economic Worries Are Driving Swing-State Roman Catholics To The Polls, Survey Shows

Candace Owens: Breaking My Silence On Ye And The Jewish Community

Democrats Worry Democracy Is In Danger From Democracy

Spooky: Halloween Candy Costs Soaring As Inflation Continues

The Daily Wire Most Pessimistic Articles

Heads Roll At Meta As Zuckerberg Announces Massive Layoffs

Desperate Biden Makes Disastrous Choice As Election Day Nears

Neurologist Who Watched Fetterman Debate Casts Doubt On Prospect For Further Recovery

New Assessment Sounds The Alarm Over The Condition Of The U.S. Military Under Biden

The Daily Wire Most Gossipy Articles

Democrats Worry Democracy Is In Danger From Democracy

Ho-Hum, Boston University Creates Potentially Unauthorized Deadly COVID Strain Hybrid. No Big Deal!

Garth Brooks Shares A Funny Anecdote About Wife Trisha Yearwood At Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony For Keith Whitley

Wave, Goodbye: My Thoughts On The Midterm Fallout

The Daily Wire Deleted Articles

The Absolute Necessity Of Fathers

[EQ] New Poll: 98% Of Conservative Physicians Disapprove Of Transgender Procedures On Minors

The Daily Wire Most Prescriptive Articles

BlackRock Argues Federal Reserve Is Not Maintaining Balance Between Cutting Inflation, Avoiding Downturn   1k 🔥

Top Democrats Admit Party Is Too Extreme, Out-Of-Touch With What Voters Care About   1k 🔥

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