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The Stagflation President

Undercover Cop Hater: New Mexico Congressional Hopeful Uses Fake Name To Trash Cops, Deletes Evidence

Another Liberal City Is Losing Faith in Its Liberal Leadership - Washington Free Beacon

Democrats Already Blaming Voters for Midterm Loss

MSNBC, CNN Ignore Sex Assault Allegations Against Dem Senate Candidate

Biden, Harris Not Welcome on the Campaign Trail

The New Politics of Bifurcation

Palestinian Government Still Pays Terrorists as US Aid Dollars Flow

Washington Free Beacon Most Shared Articles

Top Unions Lost Nearly Quarter of a Million Members After Court Struck Down Mandatory Membership   1k 🔥

Warnock Denies His Church Evicts Tenants. Three Eviction Notices Were Filed Last Week.   1k 🔥

Biden, Harris Not Welcome on the Campaign Trail

Tim Ryan Says Americans Need To Give Up Gas Cars as He Drives Around Ohio in Gas Guzzlers

Highest Number in US History: Border Patrol Logs 8,000 Migrants Entering US Each Day

Iranian Terrorists Will Get Billions of Dollars Before Congress Can Review New Nuclear Deal

Biden Rallies the Resistance, Urges Americans Not to Base Their Votes on Inflation and Other Trivial Concerns

Midterm Analysis: Republicans Are Crushing Democrats on One Key Metric

Washington Free Beacon Most Subjective Articles

Bitter Clingers: How Mainstream Journalists Mourn the Loss of Cultural Supremacy

A Novel Approach to the Pandemic

Convicted Murderer Freed by Philly DA Larry Krasner in Custody After Deadly Shooting

Top 10 Scapegoats If Democrats Lose the Midterms

Washington Free Beacon Most Pessimistic Articles

Bah, Humbug! Newly Unionized Starbucks Employees Declare War on Christmas

Top 10 Scapegoats If Democrats Lose the Midterms

Understanding the Underwhelming GOP Performance

Bad Medicine: Doctor Granting Fetterman Clean Bill of Health Is a Campaign Donor

Washington Free Beacon Most Gossipy Articles

Top 10 Scapegoats If Democrats Lose the Midterms

Iran Agrees To Ship More Drones, Missiles to Russia

Washington Free Beacon Most Prescriptive Articles

Judges at the Center of Yale Law Clerkship Boycott Will Speak at Yale Next Week

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