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AI Generated News Bias (?): This source appears to have a bias against the Biden administration, with headlines that criticize their policies and decisions. It also has a pro-Trump stance, with headlines that defend his actions and praise his policies.

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ZeroHedge Opinion Most Emotional Articles

China Enjoys Energy Bonanza As NATO Sanctions Against Russia Fail

The Green Energy Profiteering Scam

FTX & The Corruption Of America

Remembering Hate Speech: Victor Davis Hanson

Biden Scrambles For Damage Control After Disastrous Inflation Report

The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine

Very Serious Shortages Of Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Tamiflu, Albuterol, & Tylenol Have Erupted All Over The US

Top Dems Urge Biden To Nationalize Oil & Gas Industry

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Shared Articles

FBI Tracks Down Mike Lindell On Hunting Trip, Surrounds His Car And Seizes Cell Phone   4k 🔥

Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES: How Twitter Collaborated With "The Biden Team" To Cover Up The Hunter Laptop Story   2k 🔥

"How In The Name Of God": Shocked Europeans Post Astronomical Energy Bills As 'Terrifying Winter' Approaches   1k 🔥

Damage To Nord Stream Pipelines "Unprecedented;" May Have Been 'Sabotaged'   1k 🔥

NYT 'Right Wing Conspiracy Theory' Comes True In Less Than 24 Hours   1k 🔥

Forget Oil, The Real Crisis Is Diesel Inventories: The US Has Just 25 Days Left   1k 🔥

CDC Votes To Add COVID-19 Vaccines To Childhood Immunization Schedule   1k 🔥

Global Warming? Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover At 56-Year High

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Subjective Articles

The Maskparade Charade

Stocks Soar On Big Negative Delta Squeeze (Or Because "Our Economy Is Strong As Hell"?)

'Zero Emissions' From Electric Vehicles? Here's Why That Claim Has Zero Basis

Stocks Rise As Recession Odds Hit 100% For "Strong As Hell" Economy"

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Fearful Articles

Israeli Intelligence Warns Iran Is Mulling Terror Attack On World Cup

Czechia's Frightening Increase In Food Prices

Gen. Flynn Warns Of An FBI Perjury Trap For Trump, 'Like They Tried To Set Me Up'

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Pessimistic Articles

Stocks & Crypto Dump, Dollar Jumps Despite Dovish Daly

Alphabet Plunges After Missing Across The Board, Drags Nasdaq Lower After Hours

"Recession Is Coming" As Fed "Is Going Too Crazy" - Dallas Fed Respondents Slam US Economic Outlook

NYT Poll Latest Disaster For Democrats As Independents Swing Right

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Gossipy Articles

The Trump Subpoena: Why The Jan 6 Committee's Timing Is Both Terrible And Telling

Musk Reassures Advertisers: Twitter "Will Not Become A Free-For-All Hellscape"

Stocks Rise As Recession Odds Hit 100% For "Strong As Hell" Economy"

ZeroHedge Opinion Most Prescriptive Articles

Johnstone: The Official Narrative On Ukraine

America's Insolvency Is Mandatory

VP Harris Warns An Attack On The Philippines In South China Sea Would Trigger US Response

Minneapolis Settles With 12 Injured George Floyd Protesters, Police Barred From Arresting Lawful Protesters

Authorities Looking Into Oregon Report That Falsely Claims Sky-High Child COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates

RNC Files 73 Election Integrity Lawsuits Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

VP Harris To Visit Disputed South China Sea Area After She Briefly Met With Xi

House Committee Advances Bill To Have Trackable Mail-In Ballots

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