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Navy says it's charting a new course after rash of problems

Biden earns ‘Four Pinocchios’ from Washington Post for false claim about Georgia voting law

Amazon slammed for allowing 'Blue Lives Murder’ apparel on site: 'Dehumanizing and demoralizing' for cops

CNN raises eyebrows after warning of 'racist' fonts that 'communicate Asianness'

Fox Most Shared Articles

Biden aides', Harris' gun control plans have included seizing 'assault weapons'   142k 🔥

NFL pro Phillip Adams is South Carolina shooting suspect who killed 5, then himself: report   60k 🔥

Biden in Easter message calls getting vaccine a 'moral obligation'   54k 🔥

Christian minister sues Pelosi, Harris for access to Capitol grounds for Good Friday   54k 🔥

Fox Most Prescriptive Articles

Electric Jeep Wrangler 'Magneto' is a clean dirt-road machine

Biden is president 'in name only' based on admin's left-wing agenda: Hilton   2k 🔥

Why coronavirus-related delays in cancer screenings are concerning, according to experts   1k 🔥

Cruise to Patagonia, Antarctica will see total solar eclipse this December

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