The Blaze Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 19806          Average Emotion: 3          Prescription Bias: 1

The Blaze Most Emotional Articles

'I feel like I'm going to f***ing shoot myself!': NYC restaurant owners furious over Gov. Cuomo's 'joke' plan to let city eateries open at only 25%

Google deletes 100,000 negative reviews of Robinhood on app store

Left-leaning think tank fires senior staffer after he tweets joke about lynching Mike Pence

PETA says using animal names as verbal insults is 'supremacist language,' urges end to 'anti-animal slurs'

The Blaze Most Shared Articles

Donald Trump looking to form his own political party — the 'Patriot Party': Report   298k 🔥

President Trump delivers farewell address: 'I fought for America and all it stands for'   201k 🔥

Unions that endorsed Biden are now criticizing him for canceling Keystone pipeline that will 'kill thousands of good-paying union jobs!'   198k 🔥

Rep. Marjorie Greene officially files articles of impeachment against President Biden   162k 🔥

The Blaze Most Prescriptive Articles

Ocasio-Cortez demands taxpayer dollars to 'deradicalize' white supremacists: 'Their world will never exist'   29k 🔥

WATCH: This is why Eric Weinstein is FINALLY talking to Glenn Beck

Republicans object after Sen. Leahy announces he, not Chief Justice Roberts, will preside over impeachment trial   29k 🔥

Sen. Rand Paul will force a Senate vote to declare impeachment trial unconstitutional   43k 🔥

The Blaze Most Recent Articles

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