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Dr. Michael Mosley died of natural causes during a hike
The Titan communication transcript is confirmed fake
Hajj 2024 faces unique challenges due to Gaza war and extreme heat
Gender identity and medical pushback
Native Americans see a resurgence in land rights and cultural preservation
Kate Middleton's first appearance post-cancer diagnosis at Trooping the Colour
Metroid Prime 4 announced for 2025 release on Nintendo Switch
28 riders trapped upside down
Wildfires in California prompt evacuations and affect critical infrastructure
Workplace culture issues and harassment allegations
35 bottles of 18th-century preserved fruit found at Mount Vernon
Various training exercises occurred across military and civilian sectors
Record wrongful incarceration highlighted points towards systemic issues
Widespread use of philanthropic funds for public benefit programs increasing
State school admissions to Oxford decline
California deals with several controversial labor law changes

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