BioRxiv Media Bias

AI Generated News Bias (?): The analyzed source appears to be a scientific journal or database focusing on biomedical and environmental research, covering topics from drug interactions and disease mechanisms to agricultural impacts on the environment.

The articles exhibit a scholarly tone, suggesting contributions from experts in various scientific fields.

Topics such as computational biology ([BioRxiv]), neuroscience ([BioRxiv]), and environmental science ([BioRxiv]) suggest a diverse but focused interest in advancing healthcare and understanding environmental impacts on health and disease.

The presence of articles discussing new methodologies ([BioRxiv], [BioRxiv]) indicates a commitment to innovation in research tools and techniques.

Despite the comprehensive coverage of scientific themes, there's a potential for omission bias towards socioeconomic impacts of health issues or environmental changes, as the listed articles emphasize biological and computational research. Additionally, the focus on emerging threats in health and environment ([BioRxiv], [BioRxiv]) reflects a forward-looking perspective, prioritizing contemporary challenges. However, without clear representation of peer-review processes or articles outside of STEM fields, there's limited insight into interdisciplinary approaches addressing these challenges.

The source shows no clear signs of being AI-generated, suggesting human authorship, likely due to the complex, specialized knowledge and nuanced understanding of the topics discussed.

My Bias: My analysis is influenced by a scientific background, emphasizing empirical evidence and rationality. This might overlook the socioeconomic contexts of biomedical and environmental research.

February 04, 2024


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BioRxiv News Bias (?):

📐 Objective <-> Subjective 👁️ :

🤥 Uncredible <-> Credible ✅:

BioRxiv Social Media Impact (?): 0

BioRxiv Most Begging The Question Articles

📐 Evolutionary trends of alternative splicing

🏛️ The nunatak and tabula rasa hypotheses may be compatible: the European phylogeography of a riparian earthworm.

Conditional knockout of Shank3 in the ventral CA1 by quantitative in vivo genome-editing impairs social memory

💭 Contribution of CENP-F to FOXM1-mediated discordant centromere and kinetochore transcriptional regulation

BioRxiv Most Ideological Articles

🏛️ A Simple and Scalable Zebrafish Model of Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma

🏛️ Rubisco supplies pyruvate for the 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol-4-phosphate pathway in Arabidopsis

BioRxiv Most Opinionated Articles

💭 Offspring size resolves a latitudinal population growth rate paradox in rays and skates

💭 Endocrine disruptor-induced epimutagenesis in vitro: Insight into molecular mechanisms

💭 Patient-Derived Tumor Organoid and Fibroblast Assembloid Models for interrogation of the tumor microenvironment in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

💭 Sensitivity of dairy calf Salmonella enterica serotype Cerro isolates to infection-relevant stressors

BioRxiv Most Oversimplified Articles

📐 A CPC-shelterin-BTR axis regulates mitotic telomere deprotection

📐 Arthropod community composition in urban landscapes is shaped by both environmental filtering and dispersal limitation

MoCoLo: a testing framework for motif co-localization

Does amplitude compression help or hinder attentional neural speech tracking?

BioRxiv Most Appeal to Authority Articles

🏛️ Taurine/chenodeoxycholic acid ratio as a circulating biomarker of insidious vitamin B12 deficiency in humans

🏛️ A Survey of the Desulfuromonadia cytochromome provides a glimpse of the unexplored diversity of multiheme cytochromes in nature

🚨 Bidirectional Modulation Of Synaptic Transmission By Insulin-Like Growth Factor I


BioRxiv Most Covering Responses

👻 Predator cues and environmental enrichment during development drive intraspecific variation in the behaviour and life-history of juvenile lobsters

📐 Pannexin 1 Channels Control Cardiomyocyte Metabolism and Neutrophil Recruitment During Non-Ischemic Heart Failure

BioRxiv Most Subjective Articles

Delay of innate immune responses following influenza B virus infection affects the development of robust antibody response in ferrets

Temporal and spatial dynamics within the fungal microbiome of grape fermentation

Urban greenspace aerobiomes are shaped by soil conditions and land cover type

MaskGraphene: Advancing joint embedding, clustering, and batch correction for spatial transcriptomics using graph-based self-supervised learning

BioRxiv Most Negative Articles

📐 Dissecting endogeneous genetic circuits from first principles

👻 Wild bird mass mortalities in eastern Canada associated with the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) virus, 2022

👻 Negative Synergistic Effects of Drought and Heat During Flowering and Seed Setting in Soybean

BioRxiv Most Fearful Articles

👻 Predator cues and environmental enrichment during development drive intraspecific variation in the behaviour and life-history of juvenile lobsters

👻 Negative Synergistic Effects of Drought and Heat During Flowering and Seed Setting in Soybean

👻 Addressing Artemisinin Resistance in Malaria Treatment: A Novel Ferrous ACT (FACT) Formulation

🚨 Local adaptation to mercury contamination by nitrogen-fixing rhizobia is driven by horizontal gene transfer, copy number, and enhanced gene expression

BioRxiv Recent Articles

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