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Breitbart Most Emotional Articles

Nolte: 'Fetterman Is Fine' Exposed as One More Media Hoax

Nolte: Apple TV Dumps Maggie Haberman's Trump Smear

Donald Trump: 'With Your Vote, You Can Humiliate Joe Biden' in Midterms

Nolte: Democrats Can't Even Deliver Water and Electricity

Taxpayer-Funded NPR Affiliate Falsely Claims Elise Stefanik Responsible for Paul Pelosi Attack

Ipsos Poll: Just 39% Approve of Joe Biden, Only 25% of Independents

Nolte: L.A. City Council Scandal Again Proves Democrats Are the Real Racists

Major Companies Pile On Twitter Advertising Pause Following Elon Musk's Takeover

Breitbart Most Shared Articles

Tulsi Gabbard Announces She's Leaving the Democratic Party   49k 🔥

Italy's Move to the Right Shakes Europe's Political Elites as Giorgia Meloni Readies to Govern   30k 🔥

'Liars!' Leftist Heads Explode After Golf Digest Ranks Trump atop List of Presidential Golfers   27k 🔥

'May Her Pain Be Excruciating:' Carnegie Mellon Prof Uju Anya Wishes Death on 'Wretched Woman' Queen Elizabeth II   19k 🔥

Inflation Returns: Consumer Prices Unexpectedly Rising Again   17k 🔥

Alleged Intruder Dead at the Scene After Pointing Gun at Homeowner   16k 🔥

Cheney: I Will Leave GOP if Trump Wins 2024 Nomination   13k 🔥

Gov. Greg Abbott Buses Migrants to Kamala Harris' D.C. Home   13k 🔥

Breitbart Most Subjective Articles

Crisis of Faith: Sweden's Liberal Church Faces Hundreds of Closures

Cuellar: I Hope Biden Listens to Us on the Border, We Don't Have any Sanctuary Cities There

GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Try to Hang Victim from Highway Overpass in Mexican Border State

Gretchen Whitmer's Audio Conveniently Malfunctions During Question on Coronavirus Policies

Breitbart Most Fearful Articles

Cartel Turf War Terrorizes Residents of Mexican State

Worried Democrats Scramble to Save Kathy Hochul in New York's Governor's Race as Republican Lee Zeldin Surges

FNC's Turley on Special Counsel: Mar-a-Lago Document Obstruction 'Most Menacing' for Trump

Spookflation: Halloween Candy Prices Surge to Frightening Heights

Breitbart Most Pessimistic Articles

Electric Nightmare: EV Owner Details 15-Hour Trek to Travel 178 Miles

Report: Kamala Harris's Husband Rallying Democrats Around Her for 2024 Run If Biden Bows Out

Nolte: Far-Left NPR Acknowledges Bidenflation 'Busting Budgets and Killing Joy'

Liz Truss Most Unpopular British Political Leader on Record, Pollsters Claim

Breitbart Most Gossipy Articles

Nolte: Delusional Nancy Pelosi Says Democrats Will Keep the House

AP Calls WA-3 Race for Democrat Marie Perez over Republican Joe Kent

'The Legislative Act of My P***y': Britney Spears Posts Bizarre Nude Again

Crypto Investors Accuse CNN of 'Rug Pull' After It Abandons NFT Project

Breitbart Deleted Articles

GAI Fellow Chaffetz: Abrams Somehow Made $115k Working Full-Time and Running for Governor

Breitbart Most Prescriptive Articles

Mike Lee Highlights How Electing Evan McMullin Would Give Democrats a Senate Majority

Charlie Crist Bizarrely Asserts Ron DeSantis Is a Lockdown Governor

Kansas Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Derek Schmidt Is Against COVID Vaccine Mandate for Children

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