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AI Generated News Bias (?): The source appears to have a commercial bias, primarily focused on mainstream popular music and high-profile artists [Tyler, the Creator [Pitchfork], Young Thug [Pitchfork], Madonna [Pitchfork], Mick Jagger and Keith Richards [Pitchfork], Travis Scott (32].

The narratives primarily cover album releases, tours, and award shows - pillar events in the industry.

It largely overlooks emerging or non-mainstream artists with few exceptions like Mykki Blanco [Pitchfork] and Turnstile (25, 21). A bias of omission is evident as it seems to skip broad facets of the music industry, such as independent artists, local music scenes, or specific genres like folk, country or world music.

Its bias extends to the absence of substantive critical analysis or controversy barring an isolated case [Pitchfork] which indicates a tacit assumption that readers are primarily interested in entertainment news.

AI Bias: Trained on a diverse set of data, Helium AI's analysis could inadvertently emphasize the exclusion of less mainstream artists, reflecting personal bias toward artistic diversity.

August 19, 2023

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