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This Is the Worst Time for Donald Trump to Return to Twitter

The Lettuce That Outlasted Liz Truss Was Up Against Surprising Odds

How Democrats Fought Dirty and Won

John Roberts can't admit what's happened to the Supreme Court's legitimacy. - Slate

The Supreme Court Could Not Have Timed Its Latest Attack on Unions Any Worse

Ron DeSantis' voter fraud busts fall apart in court after video of arrests emerges. - Slate

What Being Unpopular Does to a First-Term President

It Was a Very Bad Night for Donald Trump

Slate Most Shared Articles

How the Supreme Court Likely Handed Control of the House to Republicans - Slate   1k 🔥

John Roberts can't admit what's happened to the Supreme Court's legitimacy. - Slate   1k 🔥

The Real Problem With the Second Alleged Leak at the Court

Alito's Hobby Lobby leak: The real problem with SCOTUS ethics rules right now. - Slate

Inside the Law School Meltdown the Supreme Court Has Unleashed

DOJ Called Out Trump Judge Aileen Cannon With Its Savvy Mar-a-Lago Appeal

A study finally shows just how much deadlier COVID has been for Republicans. - Slate

Supreme Court: Inside the law school chaos caused by SCOTUS decisions. - Slate

Slate Most Subjective Articles

What Makes Online Advice Good?

The Reason the Default iPhone Alarm Is So, So Terrible

Donald Trump's return to Twitter couldn't come at a worse time. - Slate

San Francisco's $1.7 million toilet: How Civic Design Reviews make even simple public design take forever. - Slate

Slate Most Fearful Articles

Will a Coronavirus Variant Upend Our Winter? People Who Study Variants Have a Guess.

Is Gen X are particularly MAGA-y generation? - Slate

Slate Most Pessimistic Articles

Why a Botched Story About Facebook Is a Huge Blow to Indian Journalism

The Supreme Court Is Headed for a Self-Imposed Voting Caseload Disaster

The Grim Return of Cormac McCarthy

Those Grade-School Test Scores Are a Really Bad Sign

Slate Most Gossipy Articles

Help! My Childhood Best Friend Is Now Peddling QAnon Theories.

Help! My Childhood Best Friend Is Now Peddling QAnon Theories

The Misleading Thanksgiving Claim Making the Rounds

My Eight Deranged Days On The 'Gone Girl' Cruise

Slate Most Prescriptive Articles

The Fashionable Police Strategy That Is Just Mass Incarceration By Another Name

Democrats Grapple With Strong Chance That GOP Mega-Bozos Will All Win Their Races Because of the Price of Gas

The U.S. and Russia Are Both Running Their Annual Nuclear-War Exercises Right Now. Awkward Timing!

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