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AI Generated News Bias (?): This news source appears to have a left-leaning bias, focusing on topics such as corporate greed, climate change, political violence, labor rights, and women's rights. It also covers international news and politics.

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The Conversation Most Emotional Articles

Chokepoint Capitalism: why we'll all lose unless we stop Amazon, Spotify and other platforms squeezing cash from creators

The Liberal Party is in a dire state across Australia right now. That should worry us all

Australia violated the rights of Torres Strait Islanders by failing to act on climate change, the UN says. Here's what that means

Media go for drama on Victorian election - and miss the story

Political violence in America isn't going away anytime soon

Employers say Labor's new industrial relations bill threatens the economy. Denmark tells a different story

Farm floods will hit food supplies and drive up prices. Farmers need help to adapt as weather extremes worsen

Why increasing support for Ukraine is critical to Australia's security as a 'middle power'

The Conversation Most Shared Articles

Attacks on Dan Andrews are part of News Corporation's long abuse of power

Jason Clare has a draft plan to fix the teacher shortage. What needs to stay and what should change?

Fracking: if Liz Truss wants a major shale gas industry, she is 280 million years late

The Liberal Party is in a dire state across Australia right now. That should worry us all

Lidia Thorpe sacked as a Greens deputy leader after failing to disclose relationship with bikie figure

Is this the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin? - The Conversation

How do we make workplaces work for autistic people?

'Not my king': do we have the right to protest the monarchy at a time of mourning?

The Conversation Most Subjective Articles

Kenya's big railway project makes life even harder for the poor by ignoring their reality

Why it's time to end child sponsorship

Why are so many people delighted by disgusting things?

Throwing soup on a Van Gogh and other ways climate protesters are making their voices heard over Egypt's climate summit suppression

The Conversation Most Fearful Articles

The creepy clown emerged from the crass and bawdy circuses of the 19th century

How the threat of 'taxpayer-funded abortion' is being used to mobilize conservative religious voters

The Conversation Most Pessimistic Articles

Why it's time to end child sponsorship

A dystopian Australia, stomach-churning physical humour, and several films with donkeys: the best films of the 2022 Adelaide Film Festival

Everything you need to know about Labor's first budget in 6 charts

Ruapehu's slippery slopes: the uncertain future of snow sports in a climate emergency

The Conversation Most Gossipy Articles

HBO's 'House of the Dragon' was inspired by a real medieval dynastic struggle over a female ruler

Liz Truss: what I told European colleagues when they asked me what on Earth is going on in British politics

Powerful women heading up dating apps are framed as young and sexy

Ooh, ah, up the 'Ra: why Ireland's women footballers are under fire for singing after their historic win

The Conversation Deleted Articles

Postdoctoral Positions in Transcriptional Regulation Job at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia - The Conversation

Principal Research Fellow (Adelaide) Job at Australian Council for Educational Research in Adelaide, Australia - The Conversation

Bioinformatician (COVID-19) Job at University of Melbourne in Parkville, United States - The Conversation

Senior Lecturer in Criminology Job at University of Melbourne in Hartford, United States - The Conversation

The Conversation Most Prescriptive Articles

Politics with Michelle Grattan: Jim Chalmers, Angus Taylor and Danielle Wood on the budget

Curfews, quarantine, fake news, insurrection: Orhan Pamuk's Nights of Plague feels eerily prescient

A mandate for multi-employer bargaining? Without it, wages for the low paid won't rise

Autumn statement 2022: what Sunak's first big announcement tells us about how he will lead the country

It's time to add climate change and net-zero emissions to the RBA's top 3 economic goals

Ukraine war: Putin escalates with sabotage and 'false flag' operations leaving the west struggling to find a response

Think Trump is done for? Think again

The universities accord could see the most significant changes to Australian unis in a generation

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