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The Guardian Most Emotional Articles

The last days of Truss were an utter shambles. Then the real chaos began

Labour should reverse on not reversing Brexit | David Mitchell

More austerity, more division, more decline: Sunak is merely a sequel in a tired Tory franchise | Rafael Behr

Rebuke from IMF is a global embarrassment for Truss and Kwarteng

Trussonomics has been exposed as a childish absurdity. Trussopolitics is even worse | Simon Jenkins

It may sound paradoxical, but Britain needs to spend its way out of recession | Polly Toynbee

Guess what, women can vote! Is that why even hardline anti-abortion Republicans are backtracking? | Arwa Mahdawi

The Guardian view on a Tory nightmare: ministers out of step with the crown | Editorial

The Guardian Most Shared Articles

Lula stages astonishing comeback to beat far-right Bolsonaro in Brazil election   12k 🔥

Biden pardons thousands with federal convictions of simple marijuana possession   8k 🔥

Kanye West escorted out of Skechers office after showing up unannounced   8k 🔥

Ukraine applies for Nato membership after Russia annexes territory   7k 🔥

BBC ignores World Cup opening ceremony in favour of Qatar criticism   7k 🔥

Brazil election live: counting begins in second round as fears grow over voter suppression   7k 🔥

Russia: man shoots officer drafting residents for war in Ukraine   7k 🔥

Liz Truss sacks Kwasi Kwarteng before corporation tax U-turn   5k 🔥

The Guardian Most Subjective Articles

Throwing soup at the problem: are radical climate protests helping or hurting the cause?

The resurgent New York Giants: lucky, predictable or actually pretty good?

Beer ban, Beckham and a vagina stadium: a World Cup in inglorious technicolor | Marina Hyde

Astronauts to live and work on the moon by 2030, Nasa official says - The Guardian

The Guardian Most Fearful Articles

England concern as Harry Kane requires ankle scan before USA game

Anxiety grows over risk to 1.5C: what happened on day seven at Cop27

Retail sales fall in Great Britain as shoppers rein in food spending - The Guardian

Is generative AI really a threat to creative professionals?

The Guardian Most Pessimistic Articles

The Guardian view on Tory immigration failures: from bad to worse | Editorial

Hunt may now have little choice but to usher in a new age of austerity | Larry Elliott

John Lewis Christmas advert: the most unapologetically depressing thing in human history

Low on time and energy? Almost-invisible foundation is your friend - The Guardian

The Guardian Most Gossipy Articles

A word about institutional racism in Britain | Letter

Whisper it, but the UK and the EU are starting to mend their broken relationship | Helene von Bismarck

The future offers only variants on austerity? Bunk. There are ways to invest and grow - The Guardian

Next pandemic may come from melting glaciers, new data shows - The Guardian

The Guardian Deleted Articles

Second Test Match, Kensington Oval | Cricket - The Guardian

The Guardian Most Prescriptive Articles

Johnson was slow-poisoning arsenic for the Conservatives. Liz Truss is instant cyanide - The Guardian   5k 🔥

Trussonomics is a fanatical, fantastical creed, and the last thing Britain needs | George Monbiot   2k 🔥

Embattled Braverman insists she is not at fault for Manston crisis

Trussonomics has been exposed as a childish absurdity. Trussopolitics is even worse | Simon Jenkins

The Democrats are purposely boosting far-right Republicans. This will backfire | Hamilton Nolan

In Britain and India, we must resist the tragic thinking that pits Hindus against Muslims | Chetan Bhatt

Israel keeps building settlements and Palestinians keep dying. Peace is impossible this way | Raja Shehadeh

The trauma of the Truss era will afflict British politics for years to come | Martin Kettle

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