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AI Generated News Bias (?): The given news excerpts exhibit a general tendency towards neutral reporting.

The source provides coverage on a wide array of topics including international news ([Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times]), domestic US politics ([Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times]), scientific findings ([Washington Times]), and sports events ([Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times][Washington Times]).

There are instances of negative reporting for both conservative and liberal political figures (e.g. Rep. Lauren Boebert in [Washington Times], and a former Obama administration official in [Washington Times]), indicating a balanced editorial stance.

It can be noted that reporters rely on facts while reporting incidents like the procedural issues with the NLRB ([Washington Times]), Sunak's failure to declare financial interests ([Washington Times]), and Kaczynski's promises to Polish voters ([Washington Times]).

A possible bias of omission can be inferred in [Washington Times] where the news item leans towards a critical portrayal of the Biden administration's pro-worker regulations without presenting the benefits of these policies.

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September 16, 2023

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Home Depot founder knocks 'woke' Silicon Valley Bank going bust: Americans need to 'wake up'

WEF tilts more pro-China with 'Summer Davos' set for Tianjin

Buckle up for a new era of political payback as Trump's indictment prompts greater scrutiny of Biden

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Threat Status: U.S. flexing military muscle in Asia amid simmering tension with China

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😠 Biden issues third veto against bipartisan effort to restore Chinese solar panel tariffs

More on the Biden budget horror show: National defense gets shortchanged

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IRS has built its own e-file system to compete with TurboTax

Biden rips anti-transgender 'attacks' on Trans Day of Visibility with no mention of Nashville

Hold Cori Bush and 'Squad' Democrats accountable for campaign finance violations

Biden launches 2024 bid, betting record will top age worries

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Republicans and Democrats argue over impact of right-wing and left-wing extremism

New York Young Republican Club answers Trump's call for rallies

Florida sending troops to Texas as border crisis deepens

House Oversight Republicans subpoena more bank records in Biden family probe

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Inflation or not, price of pro sports teams keeps going up

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Florida's Rick Scott is a man with a plan

😡 New study finds suicide, bullying, risky sex more likely among transgender teens

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Poland's political parties reveal campaign programs before the Oct.15 general election

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Public's view of politics slipping, now 'unrelentingly negative'

U.K. political watchdog says Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 'inadvertently' broke ethics rules

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