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The matrix calculus you need for deep learning (2018)

It's Not Just Size That Matters: Small Language Models Are Also Few-Shot Learners. (arXiv:2009.07118v2 [cs.CL] UPDATED)

Factoring 2048 RSA integers in 177 days with 13436 qubits and a multimode memory

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An open debate on SARS-CoV-2's proximal origin is long overdue. (arXiv:2102.03910v1 [q-bio.PE])

E. coli chemotaxis is information-limited. (arXiv:2102.11732v1 [])

When SIMPLE is better than complex: A case study on deep learning for predicting Bugzilla issue close time. (arXiv:2101.06319v1 [cs.SE])

Digital Twins Are Not Monozygotic -- Cross-Replicating ADAS Testing in Two Industry-Grade Automotive Simulators. (arXiv:2012.06822v2 [cs.SE] UPDATED)

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