The Atlantic Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 1072          Average Emotion: 1          Prescription Bias: 1

The Atlantic Most Emotional Articles

The Hot-Person Vaccine

Ted Cruz’s Trip to Mexico Looks Bad. But This Is Worse.

The Hidden Toll of Remote Work

Vaccine Hesitancy Isn’t Just One Thing

The Atlantic Most Shared Articles

There Is No Defense—Only Complicity   119k 🔥

Impeachment Did Not Prevail, But Trump Still Lost   102k 🔥

Why Jamie Raskin’s Speech Resonated   52k 🔥

The False Dilemma of Post-Vaccination Risk   26k 🔥

The Atlantic Most Prescriptive Articles

There Is No One Pandemic Anniversary

Falling in Love Is Misery. Staying in Love Is Bliss.

Why Democrats Are Still Taking Their Time on D.C. Statehood

Mars Is a Hellhole

The Atlantic Most Recent Articles