The Verge Media Bias for Past 90 Days

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Average Social Media Shares: 243          Average Emotion: 2          Prescription Bias: 0

The Verge Most Emotional Articles

LG’s latest Gram 17 makes a stellar case for 17-inch laptops

Amazon denies stories of workers peeing in bottles, receives a flood of evidence in return

Spotify leaks another look at the Car Thing, this time from within in its own app

Google is cracking down on scammy Play Store app listings

The Verge Most Shared Articles

Say goodbye to the Keystone XL pipeline, for real this time   13k 🔥

Saturday Night Live with Elon Musk will be live-streamed internationally for the first time   13k 🔥

NASA seeks to put first person of color on the Moon in Artemis mission   7k 🔥

Google employees call for company to support Palestinians and protect anti-Zionist speech   7k 🔥

The Verge Most Prescriptive Articles

Gotham Knights is delayed until 2022

Fontemon is a playable Minnesota-themed Pokémon parody somehow crammed into a font

Victor Santos’ new comic Paranoia Killer is a dark thriller with an unassuming cartoon look

NFT mania is here, and so are the scammers

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