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 Health Authorities 

Beaver State Voters Passes First-Ever Ballot Initiative To Allow Adults 21 and Up To Consume Psilocybin In Special "psilocybin Service Centers".

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 Ballot Initiatives 

Ranked Choice Voting Moves Nevada One Step Closer To Becoming the First State To Use Psilocybin in Magic Mushrooms.

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With The Midterm Approaching, Voters Need To Ask, "Who's Fighting For Me?" - 'Pod Save America'

The guys from 'POd Save America,' Jon Favreau. Jom Lovett and Tommt Vietor, wrap up their Late Show interview with a preview of what's at stake for voters in this year's midterm elections. Learn more about the issues and candidates on the ballot this fall via their Vote Save America initiative at
Via: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert    [Late Night]
      72k 🔥     Aug 03, 2022