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spacecraft crashing Balanced News

 Spacecraft Crashing 

Spacecraft Crashing Into Asteroid Could Change Its Trajectory, Study Shows, DART Mission Shows, NASA Says., Dart Mission Update, 2.

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dart spacecraft Balanced News

 Dart Spacecraft 

Nasa Is About To Clobber A Small, Harmless Asteroid Millions of Kilometres Away With Its Asteroid DART Probe, Beaming Back Its Final Moments.

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category 4 hurricane Balanced News

 Category 4 Hurricane 

UCF football game against SMU postponed as Category 4 Hurricane Ian nears landfall in Florida's Gulf Coast on Wednesday. "Catastrophic" winds and storm surge.

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nobel laureate Balanced News

 Nobel Laureate 

Vatican Punishes Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, Nobel Laureate of East Timor, for Alleged Crimes Against the Faith in East Timorese.

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covid pandemic Balanced News

 Covid Pandemic 

Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic 'over', but the administration is continuing to use the pandemic to justify a range of ambitious policies such as student loan cancellation.

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webb telescope Balanced News

 Webb Telescope 

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured the moment the DART probe crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos, sending it hurtling toward Earth's atmosphere.Image of the day: NASA's Hubble and James Webb telescopes capture the moment.

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