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How The UK’s Last Piano Factory Keeps A Centuries-Old Industry Alive

Over a century ago, Britain’s piano manufacturers used to be industrial giants, churning out thousands of instruments every year. But now only one factory remains. Adam Cox runs Cavendish Pianos in Yorkshire to keep this traditional art from disappearing completely.
Via: Business Insider    [Business]       56k 🔥     May 08, 2021

Why This Fight May Be the End of Oil Pipelines

With the development of renewable energy accelerating, the pipeline business increasingly finds itself against the ropes. The Biden administration dealt a death blow to Keystone XL, and the fate of similar projects remains uncertain. As fossil fuel dependency begins to wane, this multibillion dollar industry could soon go the way of the dinosaurs.
Via: Bloomberg Quicktake    [Business]       72k 🔥     Apr 30, 2021

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