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Emergency Fed

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Quarter 2020

emergency fed


: Mnuchin says decision to end Fed emergency programs wasn’t aimed at hurting Biden: "On Thursday, Mnuchin unexpectedly announced he was ending several joint loan programs and asked the Fed to return the $450 billion to Treasury so it can be returned to Congress. Under a post-financial crisis reform, the Fed now needs the Treasury Secretary’s permission before it can set up emergency loan programs. "...
— (Market Watch) (11/20)     Nov 23, 2020

georgia recount


How Joe Biden did so well in Georgia: "For nearly 30 years, the state of Georgia has voted reliably Republican in presidential elections. Not since 1992 has the state backed a Democrat for president. Now, the hand recount of 2020 election ballots has confirmed Joe Biden won the state."...
— Bev-Freda Jackson, Adjunct Professorial Lecturer, American University School Of Public Affairs (The Conversation) (11/20)     Nov 23, 2020

climate change


Biden taps climate, environment hands for transition teams: "The CEQ team will likely home in on revisions to the National Environmental Policy Act, unveiled by the Trump administration over the summer that has drawn lawsuits from green groups for shortening environmental review periods and lessening considerations of climate change in the process."...
— By Anthony Adragna And Zack Colman (Politico) (11/17)     Nov 18, 2020

quarter 2020


DoorDash shows surge in revenue growth, profitable quarter in IPO filing: "In its IPO filing, DoorDash reported revenue of $1.92 billion for the first nine months of 2020, up more than three times from the same period a year earlier. The company reported a profit of $23 million for the first time in its history during the second quarter of 2020."...
— (Reuters) (11/14)     Nov 18, 2020

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