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Supreme Court Strikes Down NY Gun Restrictions & Chicago Police Ban Foot Chases

The Supreme Court strikes down a New York gun law restricting concealed carry, the Chicago police department will no longer chase people down over minor offenses, and railway workers in Britain are striking over pay and job security. #DailyShow #Comedy
Via: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah    [Late Night]
      526k 🔥     Jun 25, 2022

What’s Next For America’s Embarrassingly Weak Gun Laws?

No one wants to be a cynic about an issue as important as gun violence, but it's hard to be optimistic when half of our elected officials won't even admit there's a gun problem. This is a digital exclusive.
Via: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee    [Late Night]
      88k 🔥     Jun 11, 2022

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