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Meta allegedly designed platforms to hook kids despite complaints
Black holes may theoretically reverse their nature and become 'white holes' that expel matter and energy
Virtual and augmented reality technologies are being applied in medicine, education, entertainment, and other fields to create more immersive and effective experiences
US warship USS Carney engaged drones and missiles targeting itself and commercial ships in Red Sea on Dec 4
A $44 million FL lotto jackpot remains unclaimed
Bottlenose dolphins shown to sense weak electric fields, potentially aiding hunting and navigation
Paris is making preparations and facing challenges as it gears up to host the 2024 Olympics
The House voted to expel Rep. George Santos amid fraud revelations
China issues AV safety guidelines
Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are rapidly advancing and raising questions around ethics, governance, and societal impact
Three Palestinian students shot in possible hate crime
Graduate students at the University of Southern California reached a tentative contract agreement with the university administration, averting a planned strike
Evidence of unmarked graves found at Miraflores Park in Pensacola, Florida
Tesla begins deliveries of long-awaited Cybertruck after years of delays
Researchers make progress in developing new cancer treatments like immunotherapy, while also working to improve clinical trial design and participation among underserved groups
Vaccine side effects vary based on individual factors, requiring personalized strategies