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The 2023 British Fashion Awards brought together Hollywood stars, music artists, models, and fashion industry leaders to celebrate top designers and innovators
Texas ordered to remove floating barriers blocking migrants in Rio Grande
Tesla begins deliveries of long-awaited Cybertruck after years of delays
Global momentum building on energy transition and climate action, but pace still too slow
The Broncos have won 5 straight games to get back in the AFC playoff race after a 1-5 start
Evidence of unmarked graves found at Miraflores Park in Pensacola, Florida
GTA VI trailer leaked early, prompting official release
22 nations pledged to triple nuclear capacity by 2050 at COP28 climate summit
Startup funding continues despite economic uncertainty
Vaccine side effects vary based on individual factors, requiring personalized strategies
Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are rapidly advancing and raising questions around ethics, governance, and societal impact
Bottlenose dolphins shown to sense weak electric fields, potentially aiding hunting and navigation
DeepMind AI predicts 2.2 million new stable materials, expanding possibilities for batteries, electronics, solar cells
Alabama controversially selected as 4th CFP team over undefeated Florida State
The House voted to expel Rep. George Santos amid fraud revelations
There is high demand and low supply for real Christmas trees this year leading to shortages and higher prices