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AI, like ChatGPT, revolutionizes construction industry by improving efficiency and cutting costs.  

Helium Summary: DigiBuild, a supply chain and building material software company, has been using ChatGPT for months and claims the technology to be "market changing." The AI tool reportedly improved efficiency and reduced costs for the firm's clients, showing potential to revolutionize the construction industry [Iran Press].

April 29, 2023


Pro-AI in construction

AI tools like ChatGPT can improve efficiency and cut costs in the construction sector, transforming the industry and enhancing productivity [Iran Press]

Skeptical of AI in construction

While AI tools possess potential to transform construction industry, their impact on job market and practical limitations are unclear [Iran Press].


How has ChatGPT impacted DigiBuild's clients?

ChatGPT has improved efficiency and reduced costs for DigiBuild's clients in the construction industry [Iran Press].

What are potential job market implications of AI in construction?

The answer is unclear based on the given information.

News Media Bias

Fox Business has reported positively about the possible impact of ChatGPT and AI tools on the construction industry [Iran Press].

However, it also mentions unknown implications of such AI technology on the job market.


ChatGPT demonstrates AI's potential in revolutionizing construction industry, but attention must be given to its job market implications and practical limitations.

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