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WHO ends global health emergency for COVID-19; virus still considered a global health threat.  

Helium Summary: The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on May 5, 2023, that COVID-19 is no longer a global health emergency, following a recommendation from its emergency committee [NY Daily News][Jerusalem Post].

Despite this, WHO emphasized that COVID-19 remains a global health threat, and countries must remain vigilant against potential outbreaks and new variants [Tass].

May 10, 2023



Why did WHO end the global health emergency declaration?

WHO’s International Health Regulations Emergency Committee recommended downgrading the emergency status due to a downward trend in the pandemic, increasing population immunity, and decreasing mortality rates [Jerusalem Post].

News Media Bias

Sources like CBS [CBS] and Jerusalem Post [Jerusalem Post] mostly report with neutral language, while others like World Socialist [Wired] voice criticisms regarding the decision's scientific basis.

Overall, the news sources mostly provide factual information with varied opinions.


Although the global health emergency has ended, the pandemic has led to significant changes in various sectors of society, such as the economy, travel, and healthcare.


While WHO's declaration indicates progress, it is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared for potential future outbreaks and virus variants.

Potential Outcomes

1: Continued decline in cases and deaths (likely). 2 - Future outbreaks and new variants emerge, causing potential re-evaluation of emergency status (possible). 3 - Increased vigilance and preparedness to manage future threats (desirable).

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