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Helium Summary: RFK Jr. raises concerns over crypto taxes and regulation in his 2024 US presidential campaign [Coin Desk].

Turkish presidential candidate Muharrem İnce exits the race following a scandal, tightening competition for other candidates [The Guardian].

Ron DeSantis is reportedly entering the 2024 US presidential race next week [New York Times].

May 26, 2023



RFK Jr.'s focus on crypto issues may attract crypto-friendly voters [Coin Desk]

Turkey's Politics

İnce's withdrawal increases chances of outright success for other candidates [The Guardian]

US Republican Primary

DeSantis entering the presidential race could increase competition against Trump [New York Times].

Relevant Trades


How is RFK Jr. approaching crypto matters in his campaign?

He's critiquing the Biden administration's proposal for an excise tax on crypto mining operations [Coin Desk].

Why did İnce withdraw from Turkey's presidential race?

He cited the release of an alleged deepfake sex tape [The Guardian].

When is DeSantis expected to announce his candidacy?

On May 25 [New York Times].

News Media Bias (?)

Coin Desk focuses on crypto currency news [Coin Desk].

The Guardian provides a balanced view of global topics, but leans left [The Guardian].

The New York Times is known for liberal leaning reporting [New York Times].


Different candidates address potentially divisive issues such as crypto regulation while navigating dynamic political landscapes in both Turkey and the US.


Crypto discussions may play a role in the 2024 US presidential race, while Turkey's election landscape continues to evolve with İnce's withdrawal.

Potential Outcomes

1) RFK Jr. gains support among crypto voters (40%).

2) İnce's exit changes dynamics in Turkey's race (60%).

3) DeSantis's candidacy impacts the US Republican primary (50%).


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