FDA eases blood donation restrictions 

Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-fda-blood-donation-gay-ban-lgbtq-20230511-hccp6ywwxrdrtnbvwe6gl3a5py-story.html
Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-fda-blood-donation-gay-ban-lgbtq-20230511-hccp6ywwxrdrtnbvwe6gl3a5py-story.html

Helium Summary: The FDA has updated its blood donation policy, eliminating screening questions specific to LGBTQ individuals and implementing the same questionnaire for all potential donors [NY Daily News].

This change follows years of advocacy from lawmakers and LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS rights groups against previous discriminatory policies [NY Daily News].

May 25, 2023


LGBTQ Advocates

Welcome updated, non-discriminatory policy


May argue policy changes increase risk

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How does the new FDA policy change blood donation requirements?

The policy replaces LGBTQ-specific screening questions with a unified set of questions applicable to all potential donors, regardless of sexual orientation, sex, or gender [NY Daily News].

News Media Bias (?)

In this article from NY Daily News, the source emphasizes the positive aspect of change in FDA policy, focusing on the benefits to the LGBTQ community and the improvements in blood donation guidelines [NY Daily News].


The FDA's blood donation policy change comes after years of advocacy and international evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of similar policies in other countries.


The FDA's updated blood donation policy addresses discriminatory practices and has the potential to increase the blood supply while maintaining donor safety.

Potential Outcomes

1. Increased blood supply due to more potential donors (likely)

2. Critics may argue that changes increase risks in blood donation, leading to public concern (less likely)

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