GOP presidential candidates emerging 


Helium Summary: Several Republicans have either announced or hint at a 2024 presidential run, including former President Donald Trump[PBS], Florida Governor Ron DeSantis[WION], Senator Tim Scott[Breitbart], Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson[PBS], and Former Vice President Mike Pence[News Facts Network].

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden and ruled out running for president again[Daily Kos].

May 26, 2023



Trump's continued popularity and influence in the Republican party makes him a strong contender[Business Insider]


DeSantis's conservative policies and strong support base put him in a competitive position for the GOP nomination[WION]


Other potential candidates, such as Pence or Haley, could offer a less divisive option for the Republican party's 2024 nominee[News Facts Network].


Have any Democratic contenders emerged?

Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden and ruled out running, but no other Democratic contenders have emerged[Daily Kos].

News Media Bias (?)

The cited sources vary in their bias (e.g., Breitbart leans right[Breitbart], PBS is more neutral[PBS]).

Coverage appears factual, but may highlight preferred candidates based on the outlet's bias.


The 2024 presidential race is shaping up, with various Republicans announcing their bids and others considering running. Party dynamics and voter preferences will influence final candidates.


The 2024 GOP field is shaping up, with Trump, DeSantis, and other figures signaling their interest, while Democrats see Sanders endorsing Biden.

Potential Outcomes

1. Trump runs and secures GOP nomination (high probability)

2. DeSantis or another candidate garners enough support for the nomination (medium probability)

3. New Democratic contender emerges (low probability)

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