Griner's return to WNBA 


Helium Summary: Brittney Griner has returned to the WNBA after her 10-month detainment in Russia.

She played in a preseason game, scoring 10 points and pulling in 3 rebounds[TMZ].

Griner stated she would not play overseas again, except for the Olympics[CNN].

She has also become an advocate for the release of captive Americans[24].

May 24, 2023


Griner's Perspective

Grateful for the opportunity to play again, hearing the national anthem "hit different"[TMZ]

Public Perspective

Fans and teammates excited and supportive of Griner's return to the court[TMZ].


How did Griner perform in her return game?

Griner scored 10 points and collected 3 rebounds in the preseason game[TMZ].

Will Griner play basketball overseas again?

Griner stated she will not play overseas, except for the Olympics[CNN].

News Media Bias (?)

Sources widely report on Griner's return to the WNBA and her personal sentiments during the process, with a focus on her renewed appreciation for the national anthem[Huffington Post].


Griner's detainment in Russia became an international story, and her return to basketball marks a key moment in her personal and professional journey.


Griner's return to the WNBA demonstrates her resilience and determination, using her platform to advocate for captive Americans.

Potential Outcomes

1. Griner has a successful WNBA season, further raising her profile (75%)

2. Griner's advocacy leads to increased public attention on captive Americans (50%).


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