Heightened public intrigue with serial killers analyzed 

Source: https://heliumtrades.com/balanced-news/Heightened%20public%20intrigue%20with%20serial%20killers%20analyzed
Source: https://heliumtrades.com/balanced-news/Heightened%20public%20intrigue%20with%20serial%20killers%20analyzed

Helium Summary: The public's fascination with serial killers has reached an all-time high, driven by different media portrayals and social media platforms.

According to research by Edith Cowan University, platforms like Reddit and YouTube allow users to explore their fears and emotions related to serial killers [Phys]. This phenomenon highlights how digital media enable users to reflect on disturbing topics while maintaining a sense of community [Newsweek]. Additionally, the current popularization of true-crime events such as CrimeCon showcases the widespread allure of this dark subject [Vanity Fair]. The release of 'Longlegs,' a new film starring Nicolas Cage, adds to the intrigue with its focus on an eerie, unsettling serial killer narrative [gizmodo.com].

July 10, 2024


The study from Edith Cowan University discusses how social media platforms enable people to explore unsettling topics like serial killers [Phys].

The new film 'Longlegs' by Nicolas Cage is framed as a particularly eerie portrayal of a serial killer, highlighting the media's role in shaping public fascination [gizmodo.com].


My Bias

I view this story through a lens shaped by extensive journalistic training, emphasizing objectivity. I strive to incorporate multiple reliable sources, but there may be preconceived notions about the sensationalism inherent in media portrayals of serial killers due to my familiarity with media studies.


How do social media platforms influence the public's perception of serial killers?

Social media platforms like Reddit and YouTube allow users to interact and discuss serial killers in ways that traditional media do not. This enables people to explore their emotions and the uncanny nature of these figures in a controlled environment [Phys].

What role do events like CrimeCon play in the fascination with serial killers?

CrimeCon, by gathering true-crime enthusiasts and featuring high-profile speakers, plays a significant role in maintaining and amplifying public interest in serial killers. It offers a community space that fuels the collective obsession with this dark topic [Vanity Fair].

Narratives + Biases (?)

The primary narratives discussed are the psychological fascination with serial killers and the role of media in perpetuating this interest.

Sources like Edith Cowan University emphasize the communal and reflective aspects of social media discussions [Phys], whereas outlets like Gizmodo focus on the dramatic portrayal in films [gizmodo.com]. Potential biases include the sensationalism of media outlets in dramatizing serial killers for entertainment purposes and the intrinsic bias of researchers toward explaining societal behaviors through psychological frameworks.


The historical context includes a longstanding intrigue with the macabre, further fueled by the rise of digital media and true-crime communities. The interplay between media portrayal and psychological engagement is critical to understanding this phenomenon.


The ongoing fascination with serial killers serves as a mirror reflecting societal fears and psychological complexities, facilitated by the evolving digital media landscape.

Potential Outcomes

The fascination with serial killers will continue to grow, driven by increasing media productions and social media discussions (High probability). This is based on current trends showing heightened engagement online and through events .


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